With over 25 years of experience in the construction and rental of office space field, MIX Group is one of the oldest developers in Krakow. To date, the Group has completed projects with a combined area of approx. 60 thousand square meters. Currently, the companies within the Group own seven office buildings with a commercial and service space. MIX Group offers A and B class office buildings. It allows the tenants to grow the company within one facility. It also guarantees an attractive location in various districts of Krakow. In addition, MIX Group is the only developer that offers an eco-friendly, dedicated carpooling system for its tenants. On top of that as the first office developer in Krakow participates in the “Pasieka Kraków” project, placing apiaries on the roofs of its office buildings.

In addition to office projects, MIX Group has realized the investment of exclusive apartments of exceptional quality and standard in Konstancin-Jeziorna. Further investments of various characters and locations are planned.

MIX Group investments mean unusual architecture, functionality of the space, ease of arrangement and adaptation of the applied solutions to customer requirements. Each new investment is developed with modern technologies while maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety and ecology.

In addition to development projects, as a Play and T-Mobile partner MIX Group operates a network of showrooms throughout Poland. It also conducts commercial business as part of Mix Meble sp.z o.o. owner of a well-known furniture showroom in Krakow.