Konstancin-Jeziorna is a city and a health resort, located in the Masovian Voivodeship, approx. 20 km from the Warsaw Center. At an area of almost 18 km², there is a diverse architecture. Situated among gardens villas, residences and monuments such as Świt, La Fleur, Natemi or Pallas Athene are located in the areas of Konstancin, Skolimów and Klarysew.

Urban development is located in the Jeziorna area, while Mirków represents a post-industrial one. With historic or modern apartment blocks, concentrated around the Stara Papiernia Shopping Center. New apartment blocks and multi-family buildings located on the Grapa estate. Commercial and service facilities – at Aleja Wojska Polskiego. The advantage of the location is the surrounding green areas the Chojnów Landscape Park and 5 nature reserves, as well as parks located within the city, especially the Spa Park with a graduation tower.

Public transport

In Konstancin-Jeziorna intersect the provincial roads no. 721 (Duchnów – Nadarzyn) and no. 724 (Warsaw – Góra Kalwaria). Within the city, there are five zone and four local public transport bus lines for the Warsaw agglomeration. The distance to the Warsaw/Okęcie Airport is only 16 km.

The nearest communication point CHYLICE 01 (CHYLICE) is located 250 meters from the Wille Tercja investment.


In the direct vicinity of the Wille Tercja investment, there are eight educational institutions. The closest ones are Public School Complex in Chylice (100m), GOOD START English Kindergarten (200m), Lawendowy Domek – Kindergarten and nursery in Piaseczno (1000m).

Further away (up to 5 km) there are several other schools and kindergartens.

Medical care

Access to medical care will be provided by nearby facilities, i.e.: a massage salon (1100 m), a school and education center – Rehabilitation Center named after professor M. Weiss (1200 m).

Further away (5 km) numerous clinics and hospitals.


In the immediate vicinity of the investment, there are: SKF “Pogoń” Konstancin sports stadium (100 m), brine pool, CKR swimming pool, Municipal Sports and Recreation Center.